Correcting Bite Problems With Orthodontics

Correcting Bite Problems With Orthodontics

Do you or a loved one have bite problems such as overcrowding, overbite or even bruxism? Did you know that orthodontic treatment can correct a range of bite issues, improving the appearance, function and health of a smile? At McAllen Dental Care we are proud to offer a variety of orthodontic treatments in McAllen, TX perfect for correcting bite problems, including:

Teeth Crowding

Did you know that losing teeth too early can actually result in spacing issues such as teeth overcrowding? In the event that a patient doesn’t have adequate space for all of their teeth, orthodontic treatment can help to make sure teeth are in the right position. We recommend addressing overcrowding with orthodontic treatment as early as possible as it is easier to address while the jaw is still growing.


Do your bottom teeth fit over the top of your upper teeth? Underbites can occur for various reasons and effect about 10% of the population, luckily underbites can be addressed with orthodontic care, providing the patient with a proper bite.


Do your upper teeth protrude too far, giving you an overbite? Bite issues can actually affect more than just your appearance, increasing your risk for problems such as decay. Orthodontic treatment can also address overbites, reducing risk of complications.

Teeth Spacing Issues

There are a number of reasons a patient may have spacing issues with their smile and luckily orthodontic treatment can address them. Teeth spacing issues can increase risk of decay, infection and even disease.


For patients that experience unconscious clenching or grinding of their teeth, an orthodontist can create a custom mouthguard, preventing the damaging behavior while eliminating the uncomfortable symptoms.

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