Fast Braces vs. Traditional Braces

Fast Braces vs. Traditional Braces

Many aspects of the dental field have advanced over the past few decades. New tools have helped dentists complete procedures with precision, lasers have helped to reduce pain and healing for many procedures, and Fast Braces have revolutionized how teeth are straightened.

Although it was invented over 25 years ago, many people still do not know about this advanced orthodontic treatment. It is like taking a long bus cross country without knowing that there is an airport nearby that can make the trip much shorter! McAllen Dental Care in McAllen, TX is proud to offer this option to our patients.

The Fast Braces Difference

So what exactly makes Fast Braces work faster? The advantage comes from the unique shape of the brackets that are attached to the teeth. Traditional braces use square brackets and metal wire while Fast Braces use a revolutionary triangular shape and superelastic square wire.

Traditional braces work on straightening the visible part of the tooth during the first year and then focuses on the root of the tooth during the second year. The unique shape of the fast brace’s brackets allows for the roots to be moved into place earlier than traditional braces. This is a huge advantage and drastically cuts down on time needed to straighten teeth. Many have been able to correct their bite and straighten their teeth in as little as three months to a year.

Due to the quicker straightening time, many people assume that Fast Braces can be more painful than traditional braces. However, University research suggests that Fast Braces actually cause less sensitivity.

The cost associated is another factor many patients wonder about. Fast Braces save the wearer time because they require fewer appointments. Fast Braces are also a more affordable option when compared to clear braces, making it a popular alternative.

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