Dental Mouth Guards

Teeth grinding is a common condition that can lead to serious oral health problems. Many people with bruxism don’t realize they have the bad habit until jaw pain, tooth trauma and other symptoms arise.

To help manage the condition, we provide our patients with a customized dental mouth guard. When worn overnight, a mouth guard can prevent teeth grinding and the mouth damage caused over the long-term.  Athletes should also always wear a custom fit mouth guard during practices and games to protect against dental injuries.

Most people know that proper oral hygiene practices will help protect your teeth from decay and gum disease, but is also important to guard against injury. At McAllen Dental Care, we off custom-fit mouth guards for sports and other physical activities, and night guards to protect our patients who clench and grind their teeth overnight. Both dental mouth guards and nightguards prevent cracks and chips in teeth and other damage that can occur due to the tremendous impact.

Custom Fit Nightguard

At our dental office we see many patients with cracked, chipped and otherwise damaged teeth due to overnight clenching and grinding. The cause is often bruxism, TMJ/TMD, and other stress conditions or jaw disorders. Our custom fit nightguards provide a barrier against damage and alleviate discomfort often linked to these conditions.

Custom Fit Sports Mouth Guard

At McAllen Dental Care, we recommend that every patient who plays a sport or partakes in any athletic activity wear a customized sports guard. This type of dental mouth guard is individually made and custom fit to wear comfortably and to protect the entire mouth from traumatic injuries. A sports guard is worn on the upper teeth and will also protect the bottom jaw, teeth, and tongue.

Patients who are prescribed any type of dental mouth guard, but fail to wear them, are more prone to dental injuries and teeth trauma.

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