Pediatric Dentistry in McAllen, Texas

At McAllen Family Dentistry, we believe that proper pediatric dental care starts with prevention. Our children’s dentist in McAllen, TX provides many services to protect kid’s oral health by preventing tooth decay and other dental problems.

Pediatric Dental Care: Your Child’s First Visit

Our McAllen pediatric dentist recommends that kids have their first visit by their first birthday, or soon after the first tooth erupts. This will be the beginning of your child’s long dental history, allowing our pediatric dentist in McAllen, TX to monitor your child’s oral health throughout life. During the first visit, we teach your youngster about dental health and offer helpful tips on how to maintain optimal oral health.

Dental Sealants

It is common for kids to receive dental sealants on adult back teeth once they erupt. Sealants fill in the deep pits and grooves that trap food particles, bacteria, and plaque. These hard to reach areas are difficult to clean. Dental sealants form a smooth layer that keeps the bad stuff out and is much easier to brush. The application only requires a few minutes, but the protection lasts for many years.

Fluoride Treatments

Topical fluoride treatments at our McAllen dental clinic are a safe and effective measure for protecting young teeth. The professional fluoride coating will protect teeth enamel from harmful acid and mouth bacteria which can cause decay and cavities.

Continuing Care

Scheduling your child’s patient first visit and routine dental care can help ensure your little one receives top-notch oral care to avoid decay, cavities, mouth infections and other dental issues. Our kid’s dentist in McAllen, TX can provide routine oral exams and professional teeth cleanings while keeping watch for any oral health problems and promptly treating them.

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