The Difference in Acrylic (Plastic) Vs Metal (Cobalt Chrome) Dentures in McAllen

The Difference in Acrylic (Plastic) Vs Metal (Cobalt Chrome) Dentures in McAllen

If you’re like many people who ask our dentist about the difference between metal dentures vs plastic dentures, we thought we’d write this article to help answer some of your questions.

Plastic dentures are generally the best if you don’t have any teeth. However, if you do have teeth, it’s definitely worth considering a metal denture since they have so many advantages.

Avoid Bulkiness and Get a Better Fit

Because metal is much stronger than plastic, metal dentures can be made thinner which means they’ll feel less bulky than plastic.

Also, metal dentures have a better fit compared to plastic dentures due to the way the metal is cast, which means that in addition to being less bulky, they’re also more comfortable.

It Boils Down to Support

An added benefit to metal dentures is that they have rest seats placed in them for better support.

Support is an important element to overall comfort since it’s responsible for keeping the denture from sinking into the mouth or moving around when you bite down. All metal dentures have some element of support. Plastic dentures, however, have minimal support which means when you bite down, pressure is applied to your gums and can cause discomfort.

The Important Role of Clasps

When you have remaining teeth, they can be used to help keep your denture in place. They also provide added stability and support. And with the use of clasps, which are metal wires that clip around your teeth, you can achieve additional security since they keep your denture from rotating. Clasps can also be used on plastic dentures, but they don’t work as well.

An Added Benefit to Clasps at McAllen Dental Care

Because we can place clasps for better retention, we don’t need to cover your palate which means your food will taste better and you’ll be more comfortable while eating.

More Questions?

If you have other questions about dentures and how they can improve your life, make your appointment with McAllen Dental Care to learn how dentures can improve your quality of life!

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