What to Expect If You Need a Dental Filling

What to Expect If You Need a Dental Filling

One of the most common reasons for our patients to walk through our doors is to receive a dental filling. You may know if you have cavities if you notice subtle pain when eating sweet foods, or a lingering toothache that won’t go away. Even if you don’t feel some of the common symptoms, an untreated cavity can eventually cause an infection in your tooth. One of the ways to combat losing your precious teeth is by receiving a dental filling as soon as possible. In the following article we will discuss what exactly to expect issue or one of your loved ones needs a dental filling.

How Does a Dental Filling Work?

Dental fillings are optimally designed to restore the form and function of a decayed tooth. When conducting a dental filling, our dental professionals begin by numbing the affected area of your mouth. After the numbing is in place, we carefully remove the decay from the affected tooth and will then thoroughly clean it to ensure that no infectious bacteria lingers. The dental composite is then laid in the tooth and hardent in place. The entire process is quick, can be completed in a single appointment, and efficient in restoring the function of your tooth.

Do Dental Fillings Hurt?

Dental fillings do not hurt, thanks to dental sedation. For most of our patients, nitrous oxide sedation is a great option for undergoing a dental filling procedure, as this can calm general nerves and keep you comfortable during the procedure.

Aren’t Dental Fillings Made Out of Metal?

In past years, it was very common for amalgam fillings to be placed in the mouth. However, up-to-date dental practices like ourselves now only used two colored composite fillings.

How Can I Keep My Smile Healthy?

The best way to keep from getting a dental filling is by ensuring you stay on top of your oral health care regimen. If you are unsure of how to do this or have other questions concerning dental care, we at McAllen Dental Care in McAllen, TX, are here and ready to answer questions and address concerns. Please contact us today to begin in the steps toward a beautiful and healthy smile! We can’t wait to answer your call today!

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