Why Sometimes A Tooth Extraction Is The Answer

Why Sometimes A Tooth Extraction Is The Answer

Are you suffering from persistent tooth pain? Has the dentist suggested tooth extraction for your dental issue? When you consult a dentist for severe tooth pain, the dentist will do everything they can to relieve the pain and save the tooth. Thanks to the advancement in dentistry even severely compromised teeth can be saved. However, there can be certain situations which demand tooth extraction and it is the best solution for your issue.

However, the decision has to be taken by your dentist and he has to decide whether your tooth can be saved or needs extraction. You can trust the dentist as whatever they do will be the best for you.

Reasons You Need Extractions

A dangerous infection

If your tooth is infected it will cause severe pain as well as putting your health at risk. An infection in tooth can spread in other parts of the body as well which can affect your health and lead to a dangerous condition. If the tooth is severely infected, the dentist may choose to extract it as a safer option for your treatment. If your dentist feels that extraction is safe for you, then should listen to him.

Severe pain

If you have been suffering from tooth pain since long, timely extraction can be the best way of relieving the suffering. Other treatments may be effective but may take longer which could mean experiencing more pain in long run. For severe toothache, dentists usually suggest immediate extraction followed by placing dental implant or other appliance.

If the tooth is severely damaged or compromised

If the tooth has been damaged by an accident or as a result of sports injury, it may be too compromised to save and extraction may be the only feasible option. Severe decay may also need extraction. It is common for the dentists to recommend extraction of wisdom tooth when they cause pain or are impacted. In some cases, if the tooth is not extracted, the damage can be severe and impact overall dental health.

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